Prioritizing Your Day for a Stay at Home Mom

Prioritizing Your Day for a Stay at Home Mom

“So…what do you do all day?”

I’m pretty sure if you’re at stay at home mom, at some point you have also been asked this question. Even my sweet husband in his well meaning, “what did you guys do today?” when he gets home makes me feel like what he’s actually saying is, “Did you do anything today? Why is the house a disaster? Why isn’t there anything to eat? Why are you all still in your pajamas?”

Ok, ok, maybe that’s just me on my worst days. But if I’m being perfectly honest with you, sometimes I do lose track of my time. I know my day was full and crazy, but what I actually accomplished seems menial. Recently I started prioritizing my days differently and it has helped my sense of worth tremendously. Taking a step back from my every day “momming” and thinking about what my priorities are vs. what I want them to be has changed a lot of how I structure my day. Having goals makes it easier to look back on the day and think in my mind, “Ok, I accomplished this, and that” ect.

A couple of months ago if you would have asked me what my number one priority was, I probably would have thought, “taking care of my children.” I might have said, “Jesus” but I was not living like he was my priority at all. I was not involved in serving in any way, no regular Bible study time, heck-I was barely making it to church most Sundays!

To be honest, I don’t really know exactly how I ended up in that state. I think it was slowly, and by mistake, but it took some intentionally to get out of that pit.

My focus now is this: Passionately pursue Jesus Christ while loving my husband, caring for the needs of my children, and being a faithful friend to those God has placed in my life. 

So. Building my day based on that goes a little something like this for me:

I wake up when my kids do. This is because my 5 month old is still nursing several times during the night, with no indication of slowing down any time soon.

After we roll out of bed, a diaper is changed and the toilet is used. Breakfast is something quick for my older daughter (oatmeal, berries, cereal, toast with jam) and I make myself some coffee. (I’ve been drinking iced coffee made with home-made cold brew lately. Yus.) 

Then, while my older daughter is still eating her breakfast I hunker down on the couch and do my Bible study. Right now, I’m working my way through Jen Wilkin’s Hebrews study. My daughter usually finishes before I do, and even though she does interrupt me, I want her to see me spending time in the Word. Recently she has been saying, “I’m going to do my Bible study with you mom!” and grabbing her little devotional book of the shelf and cuddling next to me. I can’t even express how much joy this gives me! Children are expert imitators and I want mine to see where my priorities lie- not on my phone, not in my house work, but in relationship with my Creator. Also-starting my day this way (even though it’s by no means in the early morning) helps me remember why the heck I’m even on this planet.

Most of the rest of my day I spend taking care of the physical needs of my family-the mundane, do it fifty times a day stuff. Cooking, laundry, washing dishes, picking up toys, giving baths, making beds, turning off the lights in every single room, scrubbing the toilet. You get the picture. But while I do this stuff I try to do it as unto the Lord! I play worship music, I listen to podcasts, I sing “this is the day that the Lord has made.”

When I initially started doing this, I did it because I wanted my daughters to see me do it. I don’t know if this makes me a Pharisee or not, but either way, that is not my reason for doing it now. Now, it’s because I  love it. I love spending time getting to know God more. The more I know Him the more I love Him.

When my focus is where it should be, honestly, everything else just fits into it’s place. <3



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