Favorite Podcasts for a Stay at Home Mom

Favorite Podcasts for a Stay at Home Mom

I spend a lot of my time washing dishes and folding laundry. Because about 50% of my day is spent doing these two chores, podcasts are my new best friend! I can hands-free listen to some life giving nuggets and still get the things done that my family needs of me. Some of my favorites right now are:

The Homemaking Foundations Podcast. 

This podcast is hosted by Jami Balmet who blogs over at The Young Wife’s Guide. She’s awesome. She has a full house, works full time from home and manages it all with such grace. I love her podcast and it’s my favorite right now. She has tons of practical advice for moms (and wives!) and ties it all down with solid Biblical principals. She has amazing book recommendations as well!

Risen Motherhood.

Duo Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler host this one, and it is so good. They have incredible guests on the podcast and cover tons of super topics. I really appreciate their down to earth approach. They make me feel like I’m just hanging out with them at their kitchen table.


This one is hosted by the father-son duo with Ph.D.s in Clinical Counseling: Dr.s Josh and Jimmy Meyer. I think in some ways this podcast is aimed more towards men, but I always get SO much out of it…and I usually end up sending the episode to my husband after. 🙂

Trim Healthy Podcast w/Serene and Pearl

What these two sisters lovingly refer to as “the poddy” is one podcast I look forward to every week. I’ve long time been a follower of the Trim Healthy Mama plan. I bought their original giant book, both of their new ones, and I’ve preordered their new cookbook coming this fall. (EEE!) This podcast however is much more than information about “the plan.” It’s a glimpse into the minds and lives of these two wonderful ladies. Pearl is the older sister and she is more of a realist. She’s the one always offering practical advice, and Serene is the one who is always pointing everything back to God. I love them both, and this podcast has made me laugh and cry in the same episode several times.

God Centered Mom Podcast

If you listen to podcasts at all, I’m sure you’ve listened to this one. What I appreciate about the God Centered Mom podcast is the wide range of women she can reach. She covers topics that are mostly practical all the way to having deep conversations about struggles we go through as moms. She has phenomenal guests on the show every week and continues to surprise me with the topics they cover.

Cultivating the Lovely-The Podcast

*sigh* Isn’t just the name wonderful? 🙂 Hosted by Mackenzie Monroe who blogs at Bold Turquoise this is a beautiful podcast for all women and moms, but especially those homeschooling (or in my case…planning on homeschooling!) She is currently homeschooling her 6 children and I seriously don’t know how she does it. She has so many great episodes encouraging tired or stressed out moms with practical but super applicable methods for an easier life.

What are your favorite podcasts? What am I missing out on? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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