Honest Grove Collaborative Review!

Honest Grove Collaborative Review!

So for months I’ve seen sponsored posts floating around about this online store called The Grove Collaborative. I’ll be honest, my initial thoughts were something along the lines of, “Oh. This is fancy, organic cleaning supplies….pass.”

I’ve just always been a Dawn dish soap and generic Windex type of lady.

Being a mom changes you. All of the sudden it matters if you spray something scary and toxic on your carpet since, if your child isn’t actually sucking on the carpet itself, she’s dropping something and quickly shoving it in her mouth. All of the sudden your daughter wants to help wash dishes and you’re thinking, “I don’t know if I want your little delicate hands in this foamy mess.” Eek. All of the sudden you aren’t responsible for just what happens to your own body any more and THAT is why I started transitioning the cleaning products that I keep in my home. I started small, just replacing things here or there but it’s honestly kind of addicting! It feels so good to clean something up with non-toxic products.

Alright so here’s the goods:

1.Mrs. Meyers Hand and Dish Soap in Radish  

Check out that cutie in the background! 😉

Grove was running one of their promos for a free Mrs. Meyers set if you spent $20 so I picked the hand and dish soap in the Radish scent. I got it off of a product recommendation from another blog….because honestly, what the heck does a radish even smell like? Anyways, I’m super happy that I took a risk (haha) and tried that scent because I LOVE it. No, I still can’t describe what radish smells like, just buy it and see for yourself.

2. Mrs. Meyers Hand Lotion in Geranium

I honestly haven’t tired this yet. I have three or four other hand lotions I’m trying to use up before I open a new one. I seriously always have too much lotion. I honestly probably wouldn’t have ever ordered this (see previous sentence) but hey! Free is free.

3. Grove Collaborative- Walnut Scrubber Sponges 

The last freebie was this set of two beautiful sponges. Honestly, everything in my box was so pretty. It just makes you want to clean. I haven’t used sponges in a few months because I gave them up for Swedish dishcloths, but I’m sure these will come in handy for more intense cleaning…like my oven.

4. Grove Collaborative- Glass Spray Bottle

UG! LOVE. Ok, so as I was saying above I have replaced A LOT of my household cleaners with just a mixture of vinegar, water and a sprinkle of baking soda. I initially bought some cheap dark glass spray bottles off amazon…and they suck. One of them broke almost immediately and the other one just doesn’t spray the right way for cleaning. It’s like a fine mist instead of a SPRAY. This bottle from Grove is totally perfect and it’s HUGE. Yes, yes, yes. I might buy another one on my next order just to have two of them.

5. Schmidt’s Deodorant Stick in Lavender + Sage

After SEVERAL failed attempts at natural deodorant I finally really committed after E was born because I refused to be breastfeeding and wearing aluminum in my pits at the same time. I say SEVERAL failed attempts because I’ve bought healthy deodorant and said, “It doesn’t work. I sweat and I stink!” I just wasn’t really educated on deodorant vs. antiperspirant and I didn’t know what I was doing to my body. I’ve recently done a lot of research on aluminum and the side affects it has on our bodies…especially because they put that crap in everything. (*side eyes*) Natural deodorant definitely has an adjustment period. I lovingly referred to myself several times in my detox stage as smelling like “a dead pirate.” 😉 That stage is long behind me and I’m really enjoying Schmidt’s deodorant. It’s a stick which is great, because the last two natural deodorants I tried were in jars and that’s just a little more work. I love the lavender and sage fragrance too! Every time I lift my arm up I get a pleasant and relaxing little whiff. YUS.

6. Badger Balm- Anti-Bug Shake and Spray

I replaced all my kids sunscreen and bug spray with non-toxic versions from Badger. So far, so good. If momma’s happy, everybody’s happy. The tick population near us is pretty hefty so I needed SOMETHING to give me some peace of mind….Badger to the rescue! (Plus, I have a weird sentimental thing with badgers since I’m from Wisconsin.)

7. Full Circle- Be Good Dish Brush

omg. lookit this cutie. I LOVE it. Anything that makes me want to wash my dishes more is a MUST. (*heart eyes*)

Overall I’m really pleased with everything from Grove so far. Everything seems really high quality and so far has definitely given me a little extra motivation to get things cleaned! One thing I’m not super crazy about is the fact that Grove Collaborative is a subscription service that can only be canceled by emailing customer service. Now that probably wouldn’t be a problem for me if I wasn’t a mom to littles and never getting to sleep through the night. I can’t remember anything these days, so having to remember to go in and change or skip my monthly order might be a little tricky. I haven’t had a problem yet.

I did share to my Facebook after I ordered and received a $10 credit after my mom placed an order as well! Sweet! I would definitely recommend trying out Grove Collaborative, even if it’s just for one month to get the free goodies. I will also mention that the price for the the bug spray was cheaper on GC than it was on Amazon, and the deodorant was the same price as on the Schmidt’s website, but I got free shipping!

Have you tried The Grove Collaborative? What was your opinion? I’d love to hear what you ordered and what you thought of your products! Leave me a comment and let me know! 🙂

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