Gift Guide for Moms

Gift Guide for Moms

Gift guides are one of my favorite things to read. I love seeing what other people are wanting, or already have and love. Here are some of the things that were or are currently on my Christmas list (meaning my husband spoils me and buys me gifts for no reason, so I already have some of these things)!

1. Instant Pot 

I have been eyeing an Instant Pot for YEARS. When my husband bought me one I freaked out, cradled it in my arms and called it my baby. It can cook FROZEN chicken, friends. Do you know how many times I have said, “Forget it, lets just get food from ____” because I forgot to thaw my chicken out?! No more. Everything I’ve made in it has been delicious! Definitely a must have for busy mommas.

2. 2018 Powersheets

Another thing that I had my eye on was the infamous “Powersheets” I saw them floating around all year, but I didn’t quite understand their magic until I got my hands on them. Powersheets help you uncover your intentional goals and then live them out. So awesome. I have already started filling this out-planning my 2018 goals-and can’t wait to jump in next year!




3. Simplified Planner 

Top of my list this year is the Daily Simplified Planner by Emily Ley. This planner goes perfectly with Powersheets and has both a monthly spread and a daily one, with spaces for every hour! David-I’m looking at you. 😉





4. She Reads Truth Bible

Joining the lineup of beautiful books is this one-the She Reads Truth Bible (CSB version)     One of my struggles is that during my Bible study in the morning I can get very easily distracted…because I use my phone as my Bible. *hides face in shame* I have another paper Bible, but this one is just so gorgeous and would make the perfect Christmas gift.


5. Masterpiece Theater Jane Eyre

If you haven’t read Jane Eyre-do it. I read it in high school by assignment and I thought it was SO boring…until it wasn’t. I won’t give anything away. It still remains one of my favorite books, and this movie adaptation is my favorite version.



6. Alterna Caviar CC Cream 

I worked at Sephora twice in my life and this product always intrigued me. However, the price ($42) always deterred me. I never even tried it until this October. I got a sample and the employee gave me enough for 3 or 4 uses. People. Even my husband noticed a difference in my hair. It made my hair look healthier, softer, just overall a miracle. Definitely recommend.



7. Val Marie Paper’s 2018 Prayer Journal

I did an entire post about my prayer closet. I included some pictures of my prayer journal from Val Marie Paper. I absolutely love it. It’s beautiful, high quality, and it has the perfect prompts for prayer time. I find that my prayers flow more easily and I’m able to focus better when I’m using my journal. For anyone interested in a deeper prayer life I definitely recommend Valerie’s products.




Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

Face mask from Lush, Fuzzy Socks, Pretty throw blanket, Nail polish (or better yet, a gift certificate for a manicure!)

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  1. Mumtaz Begum says:

    I really like these products. Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing . I like all of them.

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