How I Plan My Life

How I Plan My Life

My journey to planning was long and drawn out. When I first got married, I didn’t have a job (which was a mistake-heading into a record breaking winter in Alaska for snowfall…I don’t think I’ve ever been so depressed in my life), so I didn’t need to schedule or plan my day out at all. Every so often I would make a list for myself of things I wanted to accomplish, but with no kids and no job myself, it wasn’t much.

Since my list of responsibilities has significantly grown since then, so has my need to plan.

I used to have three notebooks. One for my daily list of goals, one for my budgeting, and one for meal planning and grocery lists.

I’m definitely a pen and paper type of girl. Some people are super awesome with putting everything on their phones and keeping up with stuff that way-I wish I could be like that, but I’m just not. I need to be able to physically write things out to remember them, and I get such a great satisfaction from crossing things off.

About 5 months ago I started hunting for a good planner. It seriously felt overwhelming to me. In case you don’t know this-there is a whole planning WORLD out there. People go crazy over their planners. They spend crap tons of money on them, and then fully deck them out in awesome stickers, dangly doodads, and pom-poms. Don’t get me wrong, I respect the art! It kind of reminds me of scrapbooking in a way…but that is not what I needed a planner for. I wanted something where I could keep all my thoughts and chores and plans in one place.

I looked at a couple options, but I kept coming back to the Organized Life Planner. Have you heard about this? It’s a printable planner, meaning you print it out yourself at home. Here’s what I love about it-

  1. It’s super affordable. $17 affordable. You can pick if you want the dated or undated ($3 more). Then you just print and get it goin’!
  2. It has everything I need. A spot for things I’m trying to accomplish every day, a place to record what I ate for every meal, a place to record how many glasses of water I’ve drank. It was just absolutely exactly what I was looking for. 

3. It includes a monthly meal plan layout.

4. You can add on planner packs to make it seriously customized. I personally have the Bible Study Pack and the Financial Pack, and I love them. The planner packs are what finally sold me on THIS planner. I loved the idea of being able to totally customize what was included in my planner.

5. You can pick between two different sizes. I love this. I personally use the full size, since I keep my planner at home. I just pop out my grocery list. But next time, I’m thinking about going with the midsize. The great thing is that you get BOTH sizes, so you can use both if you want!

6. You can pick what cover you like best with 5 different options.

This planner has been the answer to my prayers. I love being able to focus more on my goals-why am I planning my days out? Because I have GOALS. I want to love God more, I want to invest into my husband and my girls, I want to have deep friendships. Planning has made that so much more possible for me.

If you are interested in ordering the Organized Life Planner you should do it this week-since it is launch week there are a ton of extra bonuses…which I think is crazy since this is already such a steal. (…$17 people!)

Here’s all the launch week bonus (that expire on midnight on September 18th!):

  • Planner Bootcamp – a 3 part video series on using your planner to organize every aspect of your life! (Value: $20)
  • EXCLUSIVE NEW PRODUCT: The What’s For Dinner Family Meal Planning Notebook! – A brand new resource for moms who want to make meal planning a priority. Includes all the printables you need to create a Family Meal Planning Notebook! (Value: $20 – but not available anywhere else yet. You can ONLY get it with the purchase of a planner!)
  • All 5 brand new covers! (Value: $10)
  • September 2017-December 2017 Bonus Pack – so you can start using your planner immediately! (Value: $10)
  • Access to the Organized Life Planner Group on Facebook, for planner tips and friends.

boom. there you have it! I’d love to hear what you think if you do end up ordering your planner! If not-what planner do you have? What works for you and your family? Leave me a comment down below and let me know! 🙂

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