How I stared a War Room

How I stared a War Room

I’m just going to be really transparent with you here-I still have not seen the movie War Room. Why? Because the last time I tried to watch it I was not in an awesome place with God and I just cried every time my eyes wandered from my phone to the tv screen.

God has been doing some amazing things in my life over the past 8 months. It started out slowly, one tentative baby step at a time. First, it was with changing what music I was listening to, then I started daily Bible study and more regular church attendance. I knew that prayer was an important part of my relationship with Jesus, but I just felt like it was enough to come to him with my requests and praises right before I fell asleep.

I started listening to podcasts about the importance of prayer, and some about how to incorporate daily prayer. If you’ve seen my post about my favorite podcasts you already know about the Risen Motherhood podcast. It was on there that I first heard mention of Val Marie Paper’s prayer journals.

I tossed the idea around of buying one for a while, but I figured it probably wouldn’t make any difference if I had one or not-I wasn’t really praying now, and why would a journal make any difference?

Eventually, probably by the continued prompting of the Holy Spirit, I did purchase one of the 6-month journals and just started this last month. I’ll show you some of my pictures of my filled out journal so you can get an idea of what it looks like!

Here’s the outside cover:



So beautiful!








The first page:

(I have major insecurities about my handwriting, so this is me being vulnerable with you…)






Kicking off August prayers:








Continuing with complete transparency…I’ve been praying for Colombia the entire month and didn’t even realize I had spelled it wrong until just now. 🙂

Next loves and family and then on the next page dear friends and hurts:

Since a lot of the stuff I pray for these people isn’t public knowledge, I put some heart stickers over them to protect their privacy. I will be honest with you-the people listed under “those hurts” are pretty hard for me to pray for. Usually, it sounds like this, “Dear God…I pray for blank and blank,” and then I move on. I hope that God continues to heal my heart from the pain of those relationships and I think that through praying for them He will. Side note-If you’d like to be included in my September prayers I would LOVE it and be so honored. Either comment on this post or send me an 🙂

Here’s my personal section and a blank space to add whatever you desire:

Since this is my first month I didn’t have many ideas for what to put in the blank sections, but I’m cooking up some ideas for September. 😉




Finally a section for answered prayers, verses to meditate on, and good quotes:

Again, since this was my first month I didn’t have anything to put in the “answered prayers” section-but hallelujah-I do for September!




And that’s it for the prayer journal!

As soon as I got it in the mail, I sat down and filled it out. To my surprise, it went pretty quickly! I thought I would have more difficulty picking out exactly what I needed to pray for. My sweet friend’s list was pretty short at the beginning of the month, but as time went on, God gave me more things to pray for. One of the best thing this month was watching God respond to my prayers. No, it’s not some magic formula, but prayer is an amazing gift and it’s real.

Ok. Are you ready to see my war room/prayer closet? It’s a doozy.







You can laugh with me! I pull the vacuum out, shove myself in there and shut the door. Usually, it’s while E is napping and I turn on a tv show for V.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I didn’t want it to be comfortable. I didn’t want it to be somewhere I could accidentally fall asleep or be easily distracted.

The first time I went in there to pray, I can’t even really express how silly I felt. I stood in there for a minute, not saying anything. Then I just told God, “Hey. This feels really strange to me. I feel silly.” I think being completely honest with ourselves and allowing us to feel that with God is good. He already knew how I felt. He already felt the tension in me as I stood in that uncomfortable little closet for the first time.

When I go in my prayer closet now usually the first thing I do is ask God to help me focus. To help my mind to focus on Him, and not a million things I feel the need to think about or accomplish. The incredible thing about all of this is that God has met me in this closet. I have wept in this closet, feeling the incredible honor of just being with the Creator. How incredible. What a gift!

Here’s the one wall I have room to look at while I’m in there. I have a Bible verse, some pretty art, and a guide I got from Val Marie Paper on how to pray for my husband. I go through it and insert David’s name while I pray for him.





Friend- the short version of how to start a “war room” is this-go sit in your closet and start talking to God. You don’t need a prayer journal. You don’t need a list written out. God has, amazingly, made Himself available to you-right where you are. <3

Hymn-Satisfied: All my life long I had panted
  For a draught from some cool spring,
That I hoped would quench the burning
  Of the thirst, I felt within.

Hallelujah! I have found Him
Whom my soul so long has craved!
Jesus satisfies my longings;
  Through His life, I now am saved.

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  1. This means so much to read Olivia!! 🙂 So appreciate you!

    1. ohelkenn says:

      I so appreciate YOU Val! I love your ministry and I’ve been so blessed by you!

  2. Angel Peace says:

    This is truly a blessing !!!!

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